Rodoula Gouliaberi 

is a choreographer and performer based in
Thessaloniki. She was a gymnastics champion. She has graduated
She is a graduate of the Certificat de Fasciatherapie et de mouvement
corporel educatif. She studied at the English dance academy Modern Theatre
Dance Branch and has a postgraduate degree in the
somatopsychopedagogical method Danis Bois (Universidad Moderna de Lisboa
curso universitario livere de especializacuo em somato-psichopedagogia).
Since 2000 she has been studying and working with the “Danis Bois” method, applying it
in dance groups, while giving seminars in research workshops and schools
dance workshops and dance schools, mainly investigating the connective tissue (Fascia), through sensory
In 2008 she created the group “Fascia” and in 2010 she collaborated with
Dance and the mind group, for which he dances and choreographs until today.
to this day.
She has taught at the professional school of D.K.E. “IRIS” in Thessaloniki and
at the University of Thessaloniki and at the University of Thessaloniki University of Thessaloniki, Greece, sensory movement and its application in contemporary dance.
Her latest works as a choreographer are: “Eros – Act 1” in
In collaboration with the visual artist Chr. “Antigone” in 2015 / “Antigone” in “Antigone” in 2017 / “Hum-ant”, in 2019 in
in collaboration with the musician A. Kokkinidis / “Hypersynthetics”, in collaboration with
in 2020, in collaboration with the inclusive group Dance and the mind.
She was a member of the dance groups : “Ilira” by A. Christodoulou, “Drosa Mass”
of A. Progidi, “Vis motrix” of K. Gerardos, as well as the workshop
“Alma kalma” by I. Mitros.
In recent years he has been collaborating with independent artists and
artistic organizations: “Mitos”, “Anemycinema”, “D. Sotiriou”, “G.
D.S. “D.S. Tselepi”, as a performer, taking part in dance festivals in our country and as a performer in dance festivals in our country and.
as a performer, as a performer of dance performances in Greece and abroad.