Percussion and vocal improvisation circles

In the workshop “Percussion and vocal improvisation circles” percussion and voice are basic and unique tools that move in parallel. Workshop participants will experiment with both voice and percussion instruments.

The vocal improvisation will be based on “Call-Response” sessions, where one

person sings a musical phrase and guides the group, answering with their own variations and

improvisations. On the other hand, in percussion circles (Drum Circle or Drum Jam or

Community Drumming) individuals using percussion instruments will create a musical

derivative, enjoying complete autonomy and freedom in terms of choice of instruments,

degree and quality of participation in the circle. A percussion circle can consist of percussion

instruments such as djembes, cajon, but also bottles, spoons, our bodies, etc.

The ultimate goal of the workshop is to create a conducive environment in which

participants express themselves, are entertained and educated musically. Finally, this

workshop aims to give birth to an inclusive artistic network of volunteers, musicians and