Dance and the Mind

Dance and the Mind is an experimental – inclusive – dance theater group created in 2009 by Rodoula Guliamberi

It is active experimentally in the field of art and, having an entertaining character, promotes equality and the acceptance of diversity. The group’s philosophy is found in single words such as honesty, acceptance and accessibility. Therefore, having as a basic rule honesty and acceptance of both themselves and others, its members want through their art to invite and challenge people to dance, move, touch and escape from the boundaries of the establishment . . To put aside for a while any stereotypical notions they have about dance and disability but also about art and disability in general and to feel with all the senses what is happening in the present, the result that is reflected when art and disability meet. Team members, concurrently with their presentations, experientially investigate the axis-oriented approach to art. Each person, each particular situation, each different physicality studies herself, her body, her mind with observation as a basic tool. Information is thus collected and at the end of this research everyone who has developed their personal technique.