This is a cooperation programme between Loud and the sports club Aetoi Thessaloniki, which is being implemented since 2021 in kindergartens, primary schools and high schools in Northern Greece.

More specifically, Eleftheria Kastrinaki (sports assistant of the Paralympic sport of boccia) and George Topouzis (boccia athlete and wheelchair user) run workshops at schools about people with disabilities in our country and their everyday life. Students are given the opportunity to express any questions they may have on disability issues and to get to know the everyday life of these people through the experience of George. Then, a presentation of the Paralympic sport of boccia follows and the students have the opportunity to play – both as athletes and as sports assistants – in this sport, using the special equipment.

As a group, we believe it is important to raise awareness of disability issues among young people. We know that the only way to stop people from looking indiscriminately at people with disabilities on the street, is for the two worlds to come together. Unfortunately, we live in a country where accessibility is still very limited and as a result, people with disabilities remain confined to their homes. It is therefore important to build a next generation audience that knows the right way to communicate with people with disabilities, what it means to be supportive to my fellow human beings, to facilitate equal access to those who lack it and to eliminate the stigma of disability and the stigma of the volunteer helper-Good Samaritan. We believe that parity. accessibility and equal opportunities in a society should be things that go without saying and as long as they are not, there is still a need for people to speak out loud about it.